For that I thank you

Thank you for the soul touching report I am Home. The I am Home report has revealed to me how a small and dedicated group of new migrants can, and is changing the community for good but underneath the radar. As a new Australian and member of the ethnic and culturally diverse community with theContinue reading “For that I thank you”

I am Home report

This report has been developed for Food Next Door, to evaluate wellbeing outcomes associated with their project Building community and sustainable local economies through food: Food Next Door Community Demonstration Farm, funded via Regional Development Victoria. Regenerative Communities was engaged to conduct the evaluation and produce this report, along with creative summary to share withContinue reading “I am Home report”


Politically, home is a very loaded term in Australia.  You cannot consider the idea of ‘home’ without raising ideas about colonisation, migration and geo-politics. And yet it is also a deeply personal thing. Gareth Hart, Director Arts Mildura In July 2020 I was commissioned to write an introductory essay for the exhibition catalogue for home2020.Continue reading “home2020”