Regenerating Creative Practices along the Murray River

Mildura Lab 8-10 July 2022

Borders is a creative inquiry into vitalising people and place- exploring the relationship between creative communities in Victorian and New South Wales cross-border towns along the Murray River.

Artists from across regional Victoria and New South Wales will be invited to come together and revision the Murray River social & ecological community, from what it has been to what it can become. Reinstating the value of the River as a meeting place, post borders closures of 2020-21, the Borders team will foster a rich creative environment aimed at renewing creative practices in the regions.

Unfolding across four cross-border towns which act as a touch points along the River, regional arts organisations will join forces to engage artists from both sides of the border. The three-year process from 2022-24 will combine social research, community dialogue, capacity building & performance development.

Borders Online Launch

The Borders Launch was held on Monday 9th May 2022 via Zoom. Watch the recordings:

This video includes the project overview by Borders Creative Producer Rach Kendrigan, as well as introductions to the four partner organisations: Mildura- Arts Mildura Swan Hill Region- ACRE Project Echuca/Moama- The Bridge Art Project Albury/Wodonga – Murray Arts And the Borders creative team who feature in the panel.

This video is of the panel conversation with the Borders creative team: Rachel Kendrigan- Creative Producer, Linda Luke- Workshop Facilitator, Peter Fraser- Workshop facilitator, Vic McEwan- Project Mentor, Mark Grist- Cultural Advisor & archaeologist, Craig Dunne- Ecologist.

Online Community of Practice

Bi-monthly Zoom catch ups for creatives and other interested people to explore collaborations, networks and ideas for new work in response to the concept of Borders. An informal space facilitated by Borders artists, this online group can be joined at any time.

To join please register for our mailing list or email

13 June 2022, 6.30pm on zoom: Methods of creative enquiry- How artists research and interpret place

Our first session will be an informal sharing and discussion on different ways artists interpret place, and how creative enquiry is an important and valuable research method. The Borders team will be there to chat more about the research labs for this project, and we will hear from other artists working along the River regions as well. Please come along and enjoy being with other creatives and getting to know who is working creatively along the Murray.

Mildura Research Lab

8th – 10th July 2022

A three day intensive research lab for anyone interested in developing deeper connection to and understanding of place. Facilitated by Borders artists Linda Luke & Peter Fraser.

For more information:

Contact Rachel Kendrigan Creative Producer at

The team

Rachel Kendrigan

Creative Producer

Rachel is a practicing artist, community development worker and regenerative practitioner from the Mallee. With fifteen years experience working in arts, culture and community development they bring systems thinking, creativity and collaboration to everything they do. Rach is passionate about building strong rural and regional communities through embracing diversity, developing kinship with our natural resources and creating localised economies. In 2020 Rach founded a social enterprise Regenerative Communities.

Rachel’s creative practice explores the intersections between body and place, with a practice grounded in Body Weather. Using performance, video, drawing and installation their art serves as a process for understanding systems awareness


Linda Luke

Workshop facilitator

Linda has worked across multiple platforms in the performing arts for the past 20 years: as a performer, choreographer, director, mentor and facilitator. In her work, she aims to deepen sensitivity and excavate the subtle undercurrents we experience in relationship to self, each other and the environment. Linda’s work revolves around diminishing the ‘human-centric’ and aims to reinstate a focus on the rich diversity of non-human elements that exist in our environment.

A major part of Linda’s artistic practice is to engage with marginalized communities to mentor and develop artistic practice through movement, performance and film-making. Linda develops frameworks and methods to give to various communities for them to engage and create from.

Peter Fraser

Workshop facilitator

Peter works widely in site-specific performance, dance, improvisation and installations. His primary focus is the transformations that occur where body and environment meet and mingle. His guiding practice is Body Weather which is, fundamentally, an attitude of continual inquiry into embodiment in place: his workshops aim to release the body from habits so that it is available to transformation by imagination and bodily sensation.

Peter co-founded Environmental Performance Authority (EPA) which focuses on site specific projects that are participatory in their development and in their implementation.

Vic McEwan

Project mentor

Vic McEwan is the Artistic Director of the Cad Factory, an artist led organisation creating an international program of new, immersive and experimental work guided by authentic exchange, ethical principles, people and place.

Vic’s contemporary art practice works with sound, video, photography, installation and performance, with a particular interest in site-specific work that creates new dynamics by working with diverse partners and exploring difficult themes within the lived experience of communities and places. Vic aims to use his work to contribute to and enrich broader conversations about the active role that the arts sector can play in reimagining a better world.


Dean Worthington

Arts Mildura

Arts Mildura are the project administrator and enabler of Borders. Arts Mildura exists to provide regional people equitable access to high quality arts and culture. They achieve this by producing an annual program of multi-arts festival and events which socially, culturally, and economically enrich the communities of the Mallee and North-Western Victoria.

Arts Mildura Creative Director Dean is committed to sharing knowledge, stories and experiences to make the world more loving, accepting and inspired. Dean’s approach of building strong communities, teams and networks through mutual respect, education and storytelling has formed the basis of his life and  career. Coming from a community-orientated family Dean’s attitude has always been to contribute where he can and to always have a positive impact on the world.

Craig Dunne

Resident Ecologist

Craig found his way to the Mallee like many others; by following the Murray river. After working as a freshwater ecologist in the Albury area, he moved downstream to Mildura in 2018 to work at the Murray Darling Freshwater Research Centre. He quickly took root in the region, developing an understanding of the deeper connections within the community and find his sense of place within it.

Craig brings to the Borders project a passion for the unique ecology of the Murray River regions, and innate curiosity for the subtle nuances of landscapes. When trying to study the complex interactions of an ecosystem, it often seems easier to remove yourself from the equations. But in doing so, you ignore the fact that we are inextricably connected to everything around us.

Mark Grist

Cultural Advisor

Mark Grist is an Australian Aboriginal man. He belongs to the peoples of the Wergaia, Wamba Wamba and Nyeri Nyeri of northwest Victoria. Mark is a qualified archaeologist who studied at the Australian National University majoring in archaeology and anthropology. Mark has spent many years recording and protecting Aboriginal heritage sites throughout Australia and has been at the forefront of recording biological information from Australian Aboriginal Ancestral remains, contributing significantly to the return of Ancestral remains to various Aboriginal communities throughout Australia.

We acknowledge that we live, work and create on the lands and waters of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people, and they are the Traditional Custodians of the land, water animals and spirit of this Country. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. Generations of First Nations people have danced, performed and told story here for over sixty thousand years and these rich customs and traditions continue in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture today.