Sunraysia Local Food Movement

In 2022 we will be reviving the local food movement by bringing back the Sunraysia Local Food Movement gatherings which were first established in 2016. Those gatherings saw 100 locals- farmers, growers, distributors, eaters and community workers- come together for rigorous and inclusive conversations about what we can do together to improve the local food system. This movement birthed Out of the Box and Food Next Door Coop who are now nationally recognised projects.

The last two years have proven that we are up against huge social, economic, environmental and cultural challenges. Climate change, social injustice and pandemic have forced us to think differently about how we as individuals, and a collective, engage in this world. Now is a better time than any to form an Alliance and take control over our local food system.

Stay tuned for more information about upcoming events by checking in here on the website or following our socials. You can also join our mailing list or shoot us an email at

10am-11:30am Saturday 18 June at Ben’s Bone Fide Food, 375 Fifth Street, Merbein.

Join us for a farm tour and talking circle at Ben’s Bona Fide food. Hear the story about how Ben went from growing in his spare time to becoming a full time market gardener through the support of the local food movement. Together we will unpack why it is important to support small-scale, local farmers and the impact our food purchasing has on farmers’ lives and our local economy.

5.30pm – 7pm Wednesday 29th June at G&T Schnitzel Bar Lounge, 89 Game Street Merbein

YFC is a national not for profit organisation committed to cultivating networks, resources and community for young farmers state and nation wide. YFC is a community that provides a national framework for peer support and a network that facilitates opportunities, land sharing, collaboration, education, mentorship and industry support throughout Australia. Come along to hear more from Chez Orchard YFC volunteer, and meet other new, young and aspiring farmers in our region- or come along to show them your support! Drinks and nibbles provided.

5pm – 6.30pm Monday 1th July at The Hub, 39 Langtree Avenue Mildura

The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance is a not for profit organisation working towards food sovereignty- the right for peoples to collectively determine their own food systems.

Their Peoples’ Food Plan is designed to inform government at all levels to address real, systemic change. We are holding a talking circle to make a group submission to the plan on behalf of Sunraysia. Participation is open to everyone! Help us help form a collective vision towards food sovereignty for all.

Sunraysia Local Food Movement events are supported by the Victorian Government and is a key deliverable in the ADAPT Loddon Mallee Climate Ready Plan